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Eindhoven Airport's Response to draft Aviation Note

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management today published the draft Aviation Memorandum 2020-2050. 

This outlines the long-term policy for aviation. Sustainability and nuisance reduction have been given a prominent role in the memorandum. In the principles of the Aviation Memorandum, Eindhoven Airport sees confirmation that the path it has taken earlier is the correct one.

General Manager Roel Hellemons of Eindhoven Airport: “We fully support the course to move towards sustainable aviation in which regional airports play a leading role for their own region. We want to make our region even better. We had already started this course and are completely in line with the recommendations from the advice of Pieter van Geel in response to the Eindhoven Airport Test Case. We are committed to these recommendations and are committed to them for the future. We see the draft Aviation Note as confirmation of this direction. ”

The strengthening of Eindhoven Airport's role for the Brainport region, a technological top region and one of the most important pillars of the Dutch economy, is also important in order to utilize the (scarce) airport capacity in the Netherlands as effectively as possible. Hellemons: “Nuisance limitation, sustainability and the quality of the living environment are important pillars for the future of aviation. At the same time, we must ensure that the quality of the network in Eindhoven is even better aligned with the wishes and needs of the Brainport region. That assignment was already there and is confirmed in the draft Aviation Note. This is what we are going for. ”