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Eindhoven Airport is taking additional measures in the event of an increase in air traffic

Mouth masks mandatory at the airport from 15 June

Air traffic from and to Eindhoven Airport will increase in the coming period. The number of passengers will also increase. That is why Eindhoven Airport has taken extra measures to ensure that safe and responsible travel is also possible during these increases. From Monday, June 15, we oblige all travelers (from 13 years) to wear a mask in the terminal. Eindhoven Airport also asks all passengers traveling abroad to demonstrably contribute a completed health certificate. These measures will be added to the existing hygiene measures, keep a distance of 1.5 meters and the extra communication about this to travelers.

In line with the Dutch aviation protocol and the existing RIVM guidelines, Eindhoven Airport also follows the international guidelines of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the European aviation safety agency. Eindhoven Airport requires the wearing of a face mask because, due to the international requirements related to the safety and security of the airport, maintaining the 1.5 meter distance cannot be guaranteed everywhere and at all times. In practice this means during check-in, security processes and boarding. Because these processes in Eindhoven airport follow each other briefly, this obligation applies throughout the terminal. Travelers must provide the mask themselves.

Additional measures

In addition to the mouth masks and the health declaration, Eindhoven Airport will deploy additional airport staff on 15 June. These will alert travelers to the various measures that are in force at Eindhoven Airport (such as keeping a distance, hygiene measures). They also answer passenger questions and are alert to possible illness symptoms. The terminal will also be accessible to passengers and airport staff from 15 June. For drop-offs and collectors the following applies: do not walk in with travelers, unless this cannot be otherwise because the traveler is disabled. Drivers and collectors are requested to drop off or pick up passengers on the Kiss & Ride in P1 (first floor) and stay with the car.

Pre-existing measures

In accordance with the government's recommendations, measures in the areas of hygiene, distance, protection and communication have already been implemented. For example, stickers and lines at the airport already indicate how to keep a sufficient distance. Mudguards hang on all check-in counters and other service points. Check-in counters and gates are alternately occupied as much as possible. Depending on the range of travelers and items of luggage, baggage is placed in place of the baggage belts instead of being placed on the baggage belts to prevent passengers from keeping too little distance. Facilities at the airport are cleaned extra, in particular the places that many people come into contact with, such as the bins at the security control, luggage carts and sanitary facilities.

Roel Hellemons, CEO / CEO Eindhoven Airport: “We are convinced that these measures are in line with the further upscaling of air traffic at Eindhoven Airport. The connection we have made between government measures and the EASA international protocol is necessary due to the European nature of our network. Clarity for the passenger is important here. This encourages safe and responsible travel, which is ultimately the highest goal. ”

John Jorritsma, chairman of the Brabant-Zuidoost Safety Region: "It is important that air traffic to and from Eindhoven Airport is carefully started up. As chairman of the Safety Region, I supervise this. Compliance with international and national regulations is the basis. Eindhoven Airport is also taking additional measures to demonstrate that Eindhoven Airport is making serious efforts to ensure that people travel safely and responsibly. "

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