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  • PAX: 11,600,000

The North East Italy Airport System ended 2019 with 18,454,413 passengers, up by 2.8% on the previous year, confirming its role as third national system.

NORTH EAST ITALY AIRPORT SYSTEM - Venezia (SAVE), Treviso (AER TRE), Verona and Brescia (Catullo)

Venezia airport, the third national intercontinental gateway, totalled around 11.6 million passengers, an increase of 3.4%.

The traffic data of the North East Italy Airport System for 2019, with 18,454,413 passengers (+ 2.8% compared to 2018), confirms the effectiveness of the system whose coordinated management has allowed once again to develop the potential of the individual airports and to serve the territory.

Venezia Marco Polo airport, the third national intercontinental gateway, closed 2019 with 11,561,594 passengers, an increase of + 3.4% compared to the previous year, with an international traffic component equal to 87%.

Over 50 carriers operate at the airport for over 115 destinations, 10 of which are long-haul (New York JFK and Newark, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Seoul, Doha, Dubai).

SAVE continued to work on activating a link with China, in consideration of the fact that Venice represents the first unserved Italian market. The agreement signed at the beginning of 2020 as part of the bilateral air negotiations between Italy and the People's Republic Chinese represents in this sense a great step forward towards the realization of this project.

2019 was characterized by a substantial strengthening of medium-haul traffic: to the flights already operating on Casablanca, Tunis and Tel Aviv, new easyJet connections have been added to Marrakech, Aqaba, Hurghada and Marsa Alam, to which Sharm El-Sheikh will starting from September 2020.

easyJet, first airline of the Marco Polo for passengers numbers, and Volotea, both based in Venice, have strongly contributed to the achievement of the new results.

Treviso airport recorded 3,254,731 passengers, down 1.6% on 2018, decrease determined by Ryanair's transfer of some lines to the Venezia airport, choice made by the company to operate also in the main airports.

Verona airport totalled 3,638,088 passengers, an increase of + 5.2% compared to the previous year.

The result is part of the constant growth that has characterized the airport in recent years and has been achieved thanks to the consolidation of existing flights and the expansion of the network available to airport users for over 30 countries.

During the year, there were over 50 carriers operating in Verona airport, for over 90 destinations domestic and international, with ever-increasing load factors.

Many new connections have been inaugurated: new seasonal summer routes to Amsterdam (easyJet), Birmingham (, Madrid (Iberia, operated in August), Zakynthos and Malta (Volotea) and new annual routes to Chisinau (Wizzair), Edinburgh and Manchester (easyJet).

Strengths of the airport are represented by the activity of Volotea, with 5 based aircraft, and Neos, with  3 based aircraft, which with its long-haul connections reconfirms the role of Catullo as the reference airport for outgoing tourist traffic.

Brescia airport closed 2019 with a positive balance compared to 2018, recording growth in cargo volumes of + 29.14%.

In detail, there was an increase in Swiss Post (+ 26.10%) with 21,940 tons, thanks the surge in the quantities generated by the online sales segment, which is expected to grow still in the coming years. Noticeable the effect of the Courier segment which, starting from mid-September, operates two daily flights regularly. From a commercial point of view, further actions will be implemented in 2020 aimed at increasing the number of cargo carriers.

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