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Inaugural Kam Air

Inaugural Kam Air

The Afghan airline Kam Air launched direct connections from Kabul to Europe

On 16 September 2010 the Afghan carrier Kam Air introduced direct flights from Vienna to Kabul. Flights are scheduled two times per week - on Thursday and Sunday. The Kam Air Boeing 767 will depart from the Afghan capital at 6.00 am and land in Vienna at 9.55 am. The return flight to Kabul will leave Vienna at 11.30 am. 'This new direct connection represents an important addition to our offering for Austrian business travellers', indicated Friedrich Lehr, Head of Aviation at Flughafen Wien AG. 'We are pleased to introduce this new connection to Vienna, a European destination with a rich history and culture. Vienna International Airport also offers a wide range of connections to other cities in Europe', explained Zamari Kamgar, President and founder of Kam Air. Vienna is the first direct destination for Kam Air in Europe. This Afghan airline was founded in 2003. Its international flight plan from Kabul includes, among others, Dubai, Islamabad and New Delhi.