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  • PAX: 24,000,000

New record! Vnukovo International Airport has crossed the line of passenger traffic at 24 million

In 2019, Vnukovo International Airport broke a historical record and served more than 24 million passengers, which is 12% or 2.5 million more passengers than in 2018.

Vnukovo Airport is a leader in the aviation industry. Today Vnukovo is one of the most convenient and high-tech airports not only in Russia but also in Europe. .

For the whole of 2018, Vnukovo Airport served 21 million 478 thousand passengers, and in 2019 this figure was reached already on November 14.

Vnukovo Airport managed to achieve such high performance thanks to the constant use of the latest advanced technologies from the world's largest air hubs and the introduction of its own innovative developments. The record figure is due primarily to the choice of passengers. In turn, the management ensures the constant development of the airport infrastructure, the dynamic growth of traffic volumes of the airport's partner airlines. Currently, 28 airlines operate flights from Vnukovo.

In addition, the Vnukovo terminals have implemented the most advanced technologies, for example, in the field of security systems, IT technologies and engineering communications, designed to make passenger service faster, better and less costly. The airport has introduced one of the most advanced airport management information systems. Its main final effect is the accurate and timely provision of airport services, a modern baggage handling system, and a revolutionary video surveillance system in all areas of the terminal. For example, arriving passengers on special monitors can observe the process of unloading luggage onto the luggage belt.

Today, Vnukovo Airport is the leader in terms of passenger growth at the Moscow Aviation Hub and one of the fastest growing European airports (according to ACI).

Many of the achievements of the domestic aviation industry were first implemented at Vnukovo Airport. Priority is given to maintaining a high level of quality passenger service and flight safety.

It is noteworthy that in just three years Vnukovo Airport will become the first and only airport in Russia with its own metro station, which is integrated into the airport infrastructure for the maximum comfort of air passengers. It is planned to extend the Solntsevskaya metro line here. And then passengers will be able to get to Vnukovo by any convenient transport - Aeroexpress, bus, taxi, car sharing or metro.

Vnukovo Airport thanks all passengers and airlines for their trust!

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