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Paris-Beauvais Airport

  • PAX: 4,330,000

Introduction to Paris-Beauvais Airport

Third gateway to Paris area, some of our main advantages:

  • Catchment area of 4,5 millions inhabitants within 1h drive to the airport
  • Very well located for western and northern part of Paris region (similar driving times than for CDG for western Paris area)
  • Well located too for Normandie and Hauts-de-France regions
  • Human size airport, proximity and very efficient for pax, all aircraft stand in front of terminals
  • Very competitive cost for airlines (also for pax in terms of carparks and services)

4M pax in 2019.

Runway 2430 m  ILS Cat 3B on R12 and ILS Cat 1 on R30

Car Parking capacity : 4 000


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Latest Paris-Beauvais Airport News

Ryanair To Establish Fifth Portugal Base On Madeira


From summer 2022 the LCC will operate more routes from Madeira than any other airline.

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