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New govermental flight ban to Poland

Today a new list of countries with flight ban to Poland was published. New countries were added due to COVID-19 spread.

Polish Government announced new Regulation of the Council of Ministers published in the Journal of Laws No. 1498. It presents a new list of countries with a flight ban to Poland. These restrictions are made to prevent further COVID-19 spread to the country. Unlike other countries, the Polish government opted for flight ban instead of a virus testing or quarantine measures.

This time, compared to the previous ban, some changes have been made - several directions have been added. They were supposed to be included in the flight ban applicable from 26 August 2020, but the government postponed the changes. Additionally, two countries, France and Croatia, were removed from the ban at the last minute. Unfortunately, new countries are now banned - incl. Spain, Romania, Albania and Malta which were popular among Polish holidaymakers! 

However, this time the Polish government made an additional statement in the Regulation. Charters that were rented before 2 September 2020 are excluded from the ban. Therefore, if someone is currently on holidays abroad in a country that was added today to the list but has a return charter ticket, does not have to worry. This is some consolation for travel agencies! 

Regulation of the Council of Ministers - in Polish

Now it is not possible to organize flights from 44 countries to Poland:

  1. Belize;
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  3. Montenegro;
  4. Brazil;
  5. Bahrain;
  6. Eswatini;
  7. Spain;
  8. Mexico;
  9. Israel;
  10. Qatar;
  11. Kuwait;
  12. Libya;
  13. Albania;
  14. Argentine;
  15. Armenia;
  16. Chile;
  17. Dominican;
  18. Ecuador;
  19. Guatemala;
  20. Honduras;
  21. India;
  22. Iraq;
  23. Kazakhstan;
  24. Colombia;
  25. Kosovo;
  26. Costa Rica;
  27. Lebanon;
  28. North Macedonia;
  29. Maldives;
  30. Malta;
  31. Moldova;
  32. Namibia;
  33. Panama;
  34. Paraguay;
  35. Peru;
  36. South Africa;
  37. El Salvador;
  38. Suriname;
  39. Cape Verde;
  40. Romania;
  41. United States of America;
  42. Luxembourg;
  43. Bolivia;
  44. The Bahamas.