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Light of the future in Lodz (Central Poland)

Last weekend Lodz hosted the 10th edition of Light Move Festival.

Light Move Festival is the biggest event of light which came to life in Lodz 10 years ago. This year's edition was unique in every way. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, LMF was moved to the Internet. The usual energy of crowds of thousands at Piotrkowska Street was not present this year, but the magic of light, image and sound was still there. 10th Anniversary Edition of Light.Move.Festival was held on September 25-27, 2020, mostly online on the website https://www.lmf.com.pl/ and Facebook.

The only part of LMF present in the space of the city was "Light of the future". A unique project, created to avoid gathering of people in public spaces, while the swirling and enchanting lights were visible over the whole city.

At the 10th edition of the LMF, there were 10 light spots in 10 different locations on the map of Lodz. The "Light of the Future" was created with the use of beam lamps, located on specially selected tall city buildings.