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Relocate your company to Lodz in Central Poland

New investors can count on the extensive help of local authorities and package of incentives.

Due to COVID-19, many companies are facing difficulties and turbulences in their supply chains. To solve those problems it could be better to shorten supply chains and relocate factory or production line to Central Europe, to Lodz. This is the statement made by the city of Lodz and Invest in Lodz division. They invite new investors to the third biggest city in Poland which is well connected to the world. Lodz city and its surrounding was declared the most desirable logistic location in Central and Eastern Europe.

New investors can count on extensive support from local authorities and a vast package of incentives. There is a special division which helps with pre-investment research, site selection, recruitment process and offers post-investment support. A large corporate entity willing to relocate a production facility to Lodz can count on income tax exemption, real estate tax relief, workplaces equipment refund or remuneration subsidy. In case of need for more information contact: investlodz@uml.lodz.pl