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Lodz Airport together with representatives of the aviation industry wrote an open letter to the Polish Prime Minister

We cannot agree with a new, revised "Performance Plan for Air Navigation Services in Poland, 2020-2024"

Together with representatives of the aviation industry, Lodz Airport issued an open letter to the Polish prime minister and the minister of infrastructure, in which has been demanded not to transfer COVID-19 costs to passengers by raising fees for airlines, which will result in an increase in ticket prices and not favoring passengers departing from Chopin Airport at the expense of passengers departing from other Polish regional ports.

Full text of the open letter below: 
[v: ENG] https://bit.ly/3BcOyqL 
[v. PL] https://bit.ly/3sLULXP

The open letter was signed by: 

  1. Tomasz Kloskowski – CEO Gdańsk Airport
  2. Leszek Chorzewski – Acting CEO Modlin Airport
  3. Anna Midera – CEO Lodz Airport 
  4. Dariusz Kuś – CEO Wrocław Airport
  5. Tomasz Moraczewski – CEO Bydgoszcz Airport
  6. Maciej Dziadosz – CEO Szczecin-Goleniów Airport
  7. Tomasz Kądziołka – CEO Olsztyn-Mazury Airport
  8. József Váradi – CEO Wizzair Group
  9. Michał Kaczmarzyk – CEO Ryanair Sun S.A. (Ryanair Group) 
  10. Andrzej Kobielski - Commercial Direcctor Enter Air
  11. Ton Jochems - Senior Manager Groundservices KLM Cityhopper
  12. Grzegorz Polaniecki - General Director Enter Air 
  13. Jan Szczepkowski – CEO SprintAir
  14. Jarosław Chłopecki – Vice President SprintAir
  15. Piotr Henicz - Deputy President ITAKA Tours / Deputy President Polish Tour Operators Association   / Deputy President Polish Chamber of Tourism
  16. Maciej Nykiel - CEO Nekera Travels
  17. Grzegorz Baszczyński – CEO Rainbow Tours
  18. Wojciech Piotr Skwirowski – CEO Polish Airspace Foundation
  19. Tomasz Buraś – CEO DHL Express (Poland)
  20. Jan Szczepkowski – CEO SprintAir Cargo
  21. Jarosław Chłopecki – Deputy President SprintAir Cargo