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Logistic potencial of Lodz

Throwback to the Railfreight Summit that took place in Łódź recently

The city of Lodz in Poland is destined to be a Logistics hub, and there are plenty of investment opportunities for those who want to be included. This was the main message of the city, when it hosted the RailFreight Summit on 1-3 September.

The airport and rail

As such, the airport has not sat idle. It wants to expand its cargo portfolio, and many of the investment areas are in its backyard. The airport wants to expand its warehousing options by building a new warehouse. Additionally, it aims to improve its connectivity and rail will play a prominent role in that.

Airport of Lodz CEO about its logistics plans - https://youtu.be/hgtt5s_qjjI?t=16 

Deputy Mayor of Lodz about the logistics potential of the city - https://youtu.be/-cB_DDcmMZ8 

This city in the ‘middle of the middle’ knows its logistics value https://bit.ly/3uIaCHF