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Lodz Airport: Łódź - the "Most Dynamically Developing City in Poland"

Łódź was named the "Most Dynamically Developing City in Poland" at the CEE Business Services Awards Gala in Warsaw.

This is a great achievement and a testament to the hard work of thousands of people employed in the business services sector in our city. With over 100 centers offering a wide range of services, the BPO and SSC sector has been a driving force behind the growth of our city.

Last year was especially successful in terms of new investments, highlighting Łódź's attractiveness to businesses looking to establish themselves in the CEE region. The BPO and SSC industry is crucial to the city's appeal to young people and our ability to attract talent from other parts of Europe. By providing high-quality jobs and opportunities for career advancement, this industry is helping to make Łódź exciting and vibrant.