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In 2024, Łódź will host concerts of superstars

Located in the very center of Poland, Lodz is a city with a rich history, multicultural heritage, and creative spirit. The third largest city in Poland, Lodz was for many years known for its dominant textile industry and smoky chimneys. Today, it is a place where modernity and history coexist, and the streets teem with artistic and cultural life. Łódź is famous for major music and sporting events on a global scale. Thanks to the Atlas Arena, located only 5 kilometers from the Lodz airport, we can participate in many events, such as concerts by foreign artists or sports competitions. The year 2024 is abundantly filled with them. We invite you to events in the near future:

·         27/29.02 – Depeche Mode

·         16.03 – Movie Music Concert - The music of Hans Zimmer & John Williams & Ennio Morricone

·         18.03 – Niall Horan

·         27.04 – The Harlem Globetrotters – volleyball match

·         30.05 – Andre Rieu

·         07.06 – Sting

·         18.06 – Rod Stewart

·         27-30.06 – Volleyball Nations League

·         21.07 – Hanser

·         23.07 – Lenny Kravitz

·         11.10 – Bryan Adams

·         27.10 – Il Volo

Furthermore, we will start the year 2025 with a concert by a prominent composer - Andrea Bocelli. The event is scheduled for 25.01.

Nevertheless, the Atlas Arena is not the only place enabling a good time. Our city also offers a Gregorian Grace’s concert on 13.04 at the Lodz Philharmonic Hall located in the central part of Lodz. We also recommend seeing the figure skating show (15-17.03) - Circus On Ice in a circus tent 2 km from the airport.

We encourage you to visit Lodz. We guarantee an amazing experience.