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  • PAX: 80,884,310

Introduction to Heathrow Airport

Heathrow helps more people go to and from more places than any other airport in Europe. We work with over 80 airlines, serving more than 80 million passengers each year to 196 destinations.  Two-thirds of the UK’s long-haul destinations are accessed via Heathrow.

Whether your airline is looking to grow at Heathrow, enter the airport for the first time or realise the value of runway slots, Heathrow can offer advice and support.  Talk to us to find out how Heathrow can strengthen your business.

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Latest Heathrow Airport News

UK CAA Cuts Heathrow Landing Fees Further After Competition Review


London Heathrow Airport will be forced to reduce the landing fees it charges airlines following a ruling by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority.

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Other Heathrow Airport News

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