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  • PAX: 2,379,635

Introduction to Poznan Airport

Poznan Airport is one of the leading Polish regional airports located in the middle between Warsaw and Berlin, with catchment area of 4,5 million inhabitants in 150 km radial (up to 2h drive).

Poznan with over 60 fair events (Poznan International Fairs - 32. AUMA 2007), 31 universities with 140 000 students and 160 sport&cultural repaetable events is called the city of business, sport and education.

Poznan Airport with rapid growth of pax number in 2007 and 2008 offers 21 international routes, 3 domestic routes and several charter destinations as well during summer and winter season.


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Latest Poznan Airport News

Ryanair Grows Cagliari Base


The Irish carrier will offer almost 1 million seats from the Sardinian airport this summer and fly to a record 38 destinations.

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