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  • PAX: 641,000

Introduction to Rzeszow Airport

Rzeszów - Jasionka (RZE) Airport is the leading airport in South-Eastern Poland.

The airport serves a catchment of over 4.6 M people (regions: Podkarpackie, Malopolska, Lubelskie, and Swietokrzyskie) and due to its location can also attract passengers from neighboring Western Ukraine and North-Eastern Slovakia.

Over the last decade - before the COVID-19 pandemic - the air traffic volume has steadily increased, reaching over 770 K pax in 2019.

In 2022 the traffic will recover:
1. LO increased the number of WAW routes up to 32 weekly.
2. LO will launch a new direct route to SZY and VCE.
3. LO...

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Latest Rzeszow Airport News

Lufthansa Upping Frankfurt, Munich Offering In Summer 2023


The carrier is launching, resuming routes from its major hubs.

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