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  • Country/Region: Flag of Canada Canada
  • Telephone: 403-817-8302
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  • PAX: 15,475,000

About The Airport

Gateway to the Canadian Rockies, YYC served over 12.8 million passengers in 2011. YYC is one of North America's fastest growing international airports and Alberta's centre for Oil and Gas Headquarters. With high yield passengers and award winning customer service, YYC is expanding its international facility to accommodate growth. A true four season inbound destination complimented by outbound business traffic make YYC Alberta's airport of choice. At the crossroads Canada's highways, YYC is also the optimal location for logistics and distribution. Cargo continues to add to airlines' revenue streams. Opportunity abounds as multimodal logistics parks and commercial development concentrate around and on airport lands.

The Calgary Airport Authority prides itself on treating airlines as partners with the same goals. With a marketing team that is always looking to promote and work with its airlines, we create unique incentive and marketing relationships