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Fujairah International Airport

  • Type: Under 1 Million

About The Airport

Discover an Arabian Jewel

Fujairah International Airport is keen to invite all airlines, operators and aircraft owners to discover the quality, ease of access as well as the competitive pricing of all our services and take advantage of the close proximity to Dubai and all the Northern Emirates.

Fujairah International Airport offers a full service, professionally run airport, ideally located on the UAE east coast with excellent road connection to local 5 star hotels, tourist centres of attraction, business hubs, seaport, industrial and technical freezones and the conurbations of the Northern Emirates such as Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, etc.

Offering a fully equipped airport with a long runway (3750m x 45m) with ILS and VOR approach procedures with independent ATC and radar services. The excellent weather record and uncongested airspace means that traffic delays are minimized.