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Introduction to Seville Airport

  • Competitive airport charges.
  • Region with strong economy.
  • It contains three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the largest Gothic Christian cathedral in the world and the third largest church in the world, the Alcazar of Seville and the Archivo de Indias.
  • Tourists enjoy wandering through the narrow streets and main avenues, seeing the magnificent monuments and buildings that stand as part of a fascinating heritage, many of them since the Moorish conquest in the 8th century.
  • High yield catchment area.
  • Tourists visit to witness the Semana Santa de Sevilla (Seville's Holy Easter celebrations).

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Latest Seville Airport News

PRESS RELEASE: Routes Europe Officially Handed Over To 2025 Hosts


The event will be hosted by the Government of Spain, The Regional Ministry for Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Government of Andalucia, and...

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