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New Arrival Hall and Vastly Improved East Wing Facilities at Keflavik Airport

The new East Wing will expand the terminal by 30%. The expansion improves luggage reception facilities in the new arrivals hall, adds four new air bridges, two bus gates, and a larger dining area and duty-free shop.

Construction on the East Wing began early in the summer of 2021 and the building will open in two phases.

Later this year a new luggage sorting system will open in the basement of the building, as well as a new arrivals hall with baggage claim for passengers. A new dining area is expected to open early next year along with an expanded duty-free shop at arrival and new airbridges and gates.

The East Wing project involves expanding the terminal by nearly 30% and is a key factor in the future development of the airport. Four new air bridges and two bus gates will be added to the East Wing, improving the ground handling of aircraft and enhancing the passenger experience. However, the total number of air bridges in operation will not directly increase until the new connecting building is finished.

During construction, 4-5 of the current air bridges will be closed. The new air bridges and bus gates in the East Wing will therefore make it possible to maintain a certain level of service while construction on the connecting building is in progress. The next phase of the airport development project - construction of the connecting building - is currently underway. 

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