Requests For Proposals

An efficient resource for airlines to establish new routes to their target areas and build relationships with potential airports. 

Route Exchange’s Request for Proposals (RFPs) feature is an effective tool for airlines seeking new route development opportunities. The feature allows airlines to outline standardised criteria they can evaluate from an airport to create new routes.

If you are looking to expand your network and would like to easily review airport proposals, contact our team and discover how our RFP feature can help you.

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Why use Routes Exchange for your RFP?

  1. Informed decision making: By issuing an RFP and outlining the specific requirements airports should meet, carriers receive relevant, standardised and comparable data.
  2. Extended reach: With a global reach of over 1,500 airports, airlines can easily uncover opportunities that may not have otherwise presented themselves.
  3. Ensures efficiency:  With the Routes team managing your RFP, less time is spent by you dealing with collecting and processing submissions on an ad-hoc basis.
  4. Provides transparency and clarity: RFPs are open to all airports in the region/s that the airline is targeting, guaranteeing a transparent bidding process.

​ Did you know? Route Exchange airport members gain access to RFPs up to two weeks in advance of non-members. Find out more

Previous RFP clients

Meet the team who will be managing your RFP

AdamAdam Smith
Interim Head of Airline Relations
Adam is based in Manchester, UK

 +44 161 234 2736

NickNick Taylor
Airline Relations Manager
Nick is based in Manchester, UK

 +44 161 234 2736

Anna S

Anna Shires
Airline Relations Manager
Anna is based in Manchester, UK

 +44 (0)161 234 2708

Shenai New

Shenai Sinhal
Airline Relations Executive
Shenai is based in Manchester, UK

 +44 (0)161 234 2739

If you are currently assessing your network and would like to easily evaluate potential destinations in a standardised format, contact the Routesonline team