Route Exchange Briefings

Delivered by senior network planners and scheduled over two meeting slots, Route Exchange Briefings provide airport and tourism authority delegates with the opportunity to gain an insight into their target and current airline partners’ business.

Over 100 airlines have delivered Route Exchange Briefings at Routes Events. Held in private theatres, these briefings provide delegates with a deeper understanding of the route planning function of airlines and a valuable update on the opportunities their target carriers believe are available.

The following airlines have delivered a Route Exchange Briefing at World Routes.

Jet FinnAir
easyJet LOT
South West Alaska Airlines
Air India

Join Route Exchange

If you are an airport wishing to become a member of Route Exchange and gain vital information on airlines and their network development plans, or you are an airline wishing to strengthen your brand across Routesonline and gain intelligence on airports and their demographics and route opportunities, then contact us.