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A pilot line for semiconductor chip packaging to be built in Tampere - University receives €40 million funding

Credit: Opa Latvala
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Part of the €40 million funding comes from the European Union and part from the Finnish government. In total, the EU has selected four pilot line proposals to significantly enhance Europe's self-sufficiency in microchips in the coming years.

Tampere University is involved in the Wideband-gap (WBG) pilot line, which focuses on the development of so-called WBG semiconductor technologies, as well as testing and integration of chips created with them, as stated in a press release from Tampere University.

The funding will be used to build a System-in-Package Fabrication (SiPFAB) pilot line for semiconductor chip packaging in Tampere. This enables the testing of WBG chips, as well as the integration and packaging of various chips into complete systems.

Chips from Tampere program is coordinated by Business Tampere. Petri Räsänen, who started as the program director last summer, now sees the received funding as a potential for industrial investments worth hundreds of millions of euros in Tampere in the coming years.

Harri Airaksinen, CEO of Business Tampere, regards the received funding and Tampere's ascension as a hub for chip expertise as an excellent illustration of smooth collaboration.

Tampere University announces the funding decision on its website.

EU press release on the funding of four pilot lines:

Press Release: Chips JU concludes the selection of four new pilot lines to be implemented in Europe

More information:

Petri Räsänen, Program Director, Chips from Tampere Email. , tel. +358 40 772 3008