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About Us

Aviation Week is the largest multimedia information and services provider for the global aviation, aerospace and defense industries. Industry professionals rely on Aviation Week for analysis, marketing and intelligence. Customers include the world's leading manufacturers, suppliers, airlines, business aviation operators, militaries, governments and organizations that serve this global market.

The digital information services portfolio includes:

Aviation Week Intelligence Network-- news, company profiles, fleet data and program tracking.

MRO Prospector -- online resource for forecasting scheduled maintenance, tracking MRO contracts, benchmarking cost and reliability and MRO market share.

Fleet and MRO Forecasts--10-year, year-over-year forecasts on orders, retirements, utilization and MRO spend and events.

Fleet-- Online fleet tool with current and historical financial, operational and transactional data.

AirportData.com -- what operators need to know about the world's airports.