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Nordic Aviation Group

  • Type: Regional
  • IATA: ND

About The Airline

Nordica is Estonia’s national airline, offering quick and convenient direct flights across Europe.

The goal of Nordic Aviation Group AS (Nordica), is to ensure availability of the flight connections that Estonia needs. Nordic Aviation Group AS is owned entirely by the Republic of Estonia and the company is engaged in organizing commercial flights with their starting point in Tallinn. In addition to Nordic Aviation Group AS, the parent company, the subsidiaries Regional Jet OÜ and Nordic Aviation Advisory OÜ also belong to the group.

As of autumn 2016, Nordica has been engaged in extensive cooperation with LOT Polish Airlines (LOT). For its regular route flights and ticket sales, Nordica uses LOT’s commercial platform that ensures optimal partnership possibilities. The company is thus able to sell tickets worldwide and can always cooperate with dozens of airlines in Europe.

Nordica’s flights are operated by its subsidiary company, Regional Jet OÜ, 51% of which is owned by the Estonian national airline while 49% belongs to the Polish state-owned airline LOT. Besides Nordica, Regional Jet OÜ provides flight services to SAS Scandinavian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and various contractual partners across Europe.

The mission of Nordica is to support the development of Estonian society, economic growth and tourism by providing sustainable direct flights between Estonia and destinations with an existing or potential demand, with a suitable flight schedule and frequency.

The vision of Nordica is to become a sustainable and profitable aviation group that primarily services Estonia as its domestic market while seeking business opportunities for the purpose of earning additional revenue in the European Union Member States and sharing the costs and/or risks.