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Air Nostrum - Iberia Regional

  • Type: Regional
  • IATA: YW

About The Airline

Air Nostrum was founded in 1994 in Valencia, Spain. It was created to become a reference point for the southern European regional aviation market sector as indicated by its original name: Air Nostrum Lineas Aereas del Mediterraneo (Air Nostrum Mediterranean Airlines). 

With over 71,000 annual flights and 3.7 million passengers, Air Nostrum is, today, considered the leading regional aviation company in Spain. It is also considered one of the most important European regional aviation airlines. Funded by private capital, it operates as part of the Iberia Group under the brand name of Iberia Regional Air Nostrum. It has an annual revenue of 400 million euros and approximately 1,500 employees. 

The Company operates mainly short and medium-range flight operations, niche markets, and PSO (Public Service Obligation) flight routes. At the same time, it provides support for the Iberia airline by covering low passenger demand slots on high air traffic density flight routes. 

Its exclusive franchise with the Iberia Group enables it to feed Iberia’s long and medium-haul network thanks to the approximately 200 daily flight operations to and from some 60 airports located in 9 European and North African countries. It is considered today’s market leader as far as the Spain-France corridor is concerned. 

Air Nostrum has, thanks to its first-rate management, high-service quality and renowned prestige, been awarded a number of important sector awards. It is, for example, the only European regional aviation company to have ever won the ERA (European Regions Airline Association) Airline of the Year Award on six different occasions, five gold and one bronze, the last of which was presented to the Company in September, 2014. 

It is also holder of the famous Palme d'Or for Sustained Excellence, a special life honour presented in recognition of sustained excellence and high business performance over an extended period. Again, it was the first European regional airline to be presented with this exceptional award. 

In 2003, the Company was awarded the “Flight” Award considered the ‘Oscar’ of the Aviation Sector while in 2011, it was presented in Washington with the prestigious Air Transport World Magazine Airline of the Year Award. 

Air Nostrum has, since it was founded, operated approximately 2 million flights and transported over 68 million passengers. 

The business model developed by Air Nostrum works: 

  • Because it has increased (two and threefold) the previous existing amount of air traffic, boosting the economy of connected regions. 
  • Because it promotes Iberia, market leader in Latin America, incorporating the most successful developments in marketing:, Serviberia, Iberia Plus, Iberia Plus Empresa, etc
  • Because it is sustained by a company, present in almost all of Spain’s Autonomous Regions, which has demonstrated its viability and competence. 
  • Because it provides airports, thus guaranteeing the growth of sustainable flight routes, with an important amount of air traffic.