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Miami Air International Inc.

  • Type: Charter
  • IATA: LL

About The Airline

Miami Air International is a U.S. based FAA certified Part 121 Flag Carrier, operating  as a charter airline. 

With consistently profitable operations since 1990, Miami Air International is a financially solid, privately held company, and has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration for its industry-leading Safety Management System.

Operating a fleet of 737-800  aircraft, configured with entirely first-class seating, all luxury-coach seating, or flexible combinations of first-class and coach, the company tailors the pre-departure and inflight experiences to meet the unique needs of its diverse customer base.

We are interested in partnering with Non-US International carriers to carry your passengers (ACMI or as part of an air-inclusive package) to points beyond your North American gateways in the US, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Mexico  Also open to ACMI programs around the globe From April through September, and available to provide scheduled or emergency backup support(ACMI) in the US when you need additional capacity or a replacement aircraft.