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  • Type: Full Service / Network
  • IATA: 3U

About The Airline

Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Airlines Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Airlines) was established in 2002. Before reconstructing, its predecessor, Sichuan Airlines Company, was founded on September 19, 1986 and started operations on July l4, 1988. As one of the most unique Airlines in China, with its core value of safety, Sichuan Airlines has been flying safely for over 30 years. Currently, it operates the largest Airbus fleet in China with more than 150 Airbus aircrafts, flying in more than 300 routes integrating domestic routes, regional routes and international routes, with its routes network covering Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America.

Along with expansion of the fleet size and enhancement of its own strength, Sichuan Airlines is accelerating the pace of network transformation and internationalization. Sichuan Airlines has established Chongqing Branch, Yunnan Branch as well as Harbin Base, Beijing Base, Hangzhou Base, Xi'an Base, Sanya Base, Tianjin Base, Urumqi Base, and Xichang Base in addition to Chengdu headquarters. It provides more than 30 million passengers with air services having "Chinese Elements, Sichuan Charms" per year. lts service quality and flight on-time performance always rank among the best in the China civil aviation industry. It had been awarded with the title of "Best Service Airline'", and won the "China Quality Award Nomination Prize' in consecutive years.