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Sky Airline

  • Type: Low Cost
  • IATA: H2

About The Airline

SKY is a low-cost airline with a 22-year history and presence in 8 countries in the Americas. The airline operates domestic and international routes through its subsidiaries in Chile and Peru, covering more than 32 cities within Chile and Perú, and other 12 cities in The Americas.

In 2022, the carrier was recognized as the best low-cost airline in South America by the international consulting firm Skytrax. Moreover, for the third consecutive year in 2023, the company received the recognition from CH-Aviation as the airline with the newest fleet in South America and the fourth worldwide.

The company will be the first South American Airline to incorporate the A321 XLR, allowing the company to fly long haul routes with superior efficiency.

SKY stands out as the only airline globally with an exclusively comprised fleet of Airbus A320 NEO and A321 NEO aircraft, reducing CO2 emissions per seat by 60% since 2010.