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  • Type: Low Cost
  • IATA: VB

About The Airline

Viva Aerobus is the leading ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) in Mexico and Latin America, with the lowest cost per seat and adjusted cost per available seat of any publicly-traded airline in the Americas, implementing a successful business model focused on operational simplicity and creation of value, which enables it to maximize profitability at a route level and ignite demand leveraging its ultra-low-cost structure and its unbundled service offering to provide the lowest base fares in the markets where it operates.

VivaAerobus is a leading and profitable ultra-low cost carrier that provides affordable air travel, primarily within Mexico.  We have the lowest cost base of any airline in the Americas and we focus on operational simplicity and profitability. 

Our main advantage comes from our low cost structure and unbundled offer that stimulate demand offering the lowest average fare in Mexico, being up to 50% cheaper than other airlines and competitive with bus fares. 

VivaAerobus is the leading airline in the world in ancillary revenue generation representing 47.6% of total revenue.

We have built our business model on low costs, simplicity, a profit-focused mindset, innovation and a “safe and secure always” culture.