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Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

  • PAX: 5,376,120

About The Airport

Gateway to northern Poland

The second biggest regional airport in Poland. In 2019 5,4 mln passengers (8% increase), 4,8 mln passengers in 2022. 

Rapidly growing and developing Gdansk Metropolitan Area (around 1 mln inhabitants) within Pomeranian Region ( 2.3 mln population) and catchment area of 7.5 mln in 200 km range.

Competitive airport costs, marketing and PR support, and much more

Best airport infrastructure in the region (2800m RWY, modern terminal for 7+ mln pax/an with new pier building up expending pax capacity even further (finished 2022), jetbridges, 25 min MCT in direct transit, ILS CAT II soon to be upgraded to ILS CAT III (Winter 2020).

In addition to the above - in 2020 Airport Gdansk started new investment called Airport City Gdansk - new bussiness destination. It's a modern complex offering renting space. First office building "Alpha" was openned for bussiness in May 2022

Historic city of Gdansk - one of the top European tourist destinations with beautiful beaches ( also in neighbouring Sopot and Gdynia) and the largest castle in the world measured by land area (UNESCO World Heritage Site) nearby