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  • PAX: 13,857,257

About The Airport

On July 16th, 1970, in Bergamo was established SACBO, Milan Bergamo Airport managing company, with the aim to satisfy the mobility needs of an area who experienced a rapid economic growth. The first ever-scheduled flight landed from Rome on March 20th, 1972, thus officially starting the activity of what later became Italy’s third airport both for passenger traffic and freight volumes as well as one of Europe’s most important. The initial focus was rather than on passengers, mainly domestic and charter, mostly on freighter, confirming the dynamism of the industrial district of the eastern part of Lombardy.
The excellent location of the airport, central to main points of interest, has led many carriers to choose Milan Bergamo as their key gateway of the region. In the early 2000s, with the advent of low-cost carriers, began the rapid rise of Milan Bergamo airport, which, year after year, broke new records with the historic milestone of 13,857,257 passengers carried in 2019 and in 2022, Milan Bergamo recovered 95% of its pre-Covid traffic.