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The 10 must do in Bergamo

Are you planning to visit the stunning city of Bergamo ?

Here the list of  the 10 things you definitely must do in Bergamo

1/10 | Going up to the Old Town with the cableway.

2/10 | Taking a stroll along the 5 kilometres of the Venetian Walls, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3/10 | Visiting one single building to meet every master of Renaissance: the Accademia Carrara.

4/10 | Listening to Donizetti’s music in his birthplace

5/10 | Finding out how many steps there are in Bergamo.

6/10 | Shaking hands with a Nobel Prize winner

7/10 | Tasting Stracciatella ice cream flavour right where it was created.

8/10 Counting the hundred tolls of the Campanone bell

9/10 Doing what every grandma from Bergamo suggest: “Touch Colleoni’s balls!”

10/10 Experiencing Bergamo from dusk to dawn

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