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Milan BGY rewarded by its passengers

Credit: SACBO

High level of customer satisfaction also in Q2 2022

In the second quarter of 2022, in a period in which the level of airport customer satisfaction is falling on both a European and a national level, Milan Bergamo Airport sees its efforts rewarded and, in the survey carried out by ACI World, the international airport association, the already high levels of appreciation for the quality of services and spaces have seen a significant increase both in comparison to the previous quarter and to the corresponding period from last year.

In addition, in the first half of July, Milan Bergamo Airport was Europe's most punctual airport with the reference to the delays caused by the airport. This is what came from the report on delays and cancellations published by the specialised agency Hopper Inc. on the basis of data collected via the Official Aviation Guide, the information and analysis database regarding airport and airline performance. In the first ten days of July,  European air traffic registered an elevated number of delays (between 60 and 70%),and cancellations in the majority of international airports while Milan Bergamo Airport emerged as having the lowest levels and as having best managed the situation, with only 3% of flights delayed and one flight cancelled every 100 scheduled.