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  • Type: 4 Million +

About The Airport

United Airports of Georgia LLC, is 100% state owned enterprise. As the airports authority of the state, UAG owns all airports in the country, including 3 international and 2 domestic.  All airport terminals have been fully rebuilt and all airport infrastructure has been modernized during last 8 years.

  • Tbilisi International Airport New Terminal opened in February of 2007. The airport is operated by the  TAV Airports Holding Co. 
  • Kutaisi David The Builder International Airport was reopened in September, 2012. Kutaisi Airport is the only low-cost airport in the region and is focused to attract low-cost carriers and facilitate tourism development in the country . Kutaisi Airports is operated by UAG.
  • Batumi International Airport started operation in May of 2007. The airport is operated by TAV Airports Holding Co;
  • Mestia Airport (Queen Tamar Airport) was officially opened in December 2010 to support mountain regions of Georgia and facilitate tourism development. The Airport is operated by UAG.
  • Ambrolauri Airport was opened in January 2017 and serves domestic flights. The Airport is operated by UAG.

Facts and Figures

  • List of Top 5 Airlines: Turkish Airlines, Georgian Airways, Wizz Air, UIA, Lufthansa,
  • Number of Serving Airlines: TBS 35; KUT 6; BUS 16; MESTIA 1; AMBROLAURI 1.
  • Number of Direct Destinations: 64
  • Number of Terminals: 3 international and 2 domestic*
  • Number of Runways: 5
  • Length of Main Runway (m): TBS 3,000 M; KUT 2,500; BUS 2,500; MESTIA 850
  • Passenger Numbers (mppa): 4,074,438
  • Cargo Tonnes (p.a.): 31,931,000
  • Ownership: 100 % state owned under the Ministry of Economy
  • Operational Opening Hours: 24/7
  • Total Catchment Population: 6 M
  • Urban Population: 4,5 M