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Brno Airport will check-in 460,000 passengers this year

Brno Airport estimates checking-in roughly 460,000 passengers, indicated by current results. Compared to last year the number of passengers increases by 10%. The majority of this increase is caused by charter flights, which increased by one quarter during the summer season. A slight increase was also recorded on scheduled flights.

„Most passengers fly from Brno Airport to London Stansted Airport. Followed by London is Luton Airport and on the third place is Munich. And actually, in the case of Munich, we expect the rising number of passenger, because we managed to move the flights to a more suitable time. The flight departs from Brno at 7 pm, which means that passengers will have time to transfer to other flights from Munich“ says Radek Lang, Head of the Transport Operations Department of Brno Airport.

The most required charter destinations in summer season were Burgas, Heraklion and Antalya. „Popularity of charter destinations is closely related to the security situation in Europe. In the last years we were facing a significant increase of charter flights to Bulgaria, this year we recorded an increased number of flights to Egypt, as people perceive better security situation in North Africa,“ explains Lang.

The increase of passengers by 10% confirms also Air Navigation Services. Its biggest customer in Brno is in lead Travel Service followed by Ryanair. In the case of customers specializing in cargo transportation are the most important companies ASL Airlines and Sprintair. In the field of training flights are dominant companies Austrian Airlines and Flying Academy.

Statistics of Air Navigation Services also confirms the dominant position of Brno between Czech regional airports. During the season the number of total movements on the airport was 29,179. In Ostrava it was 15,440 and in Karlovy Vary it was 4,858. The busiest day on the airport was the 28th of May with 329 movements.