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New information about holiday destinations in the summer of 2018

Exotic RAS AL KHAIMAH in the United Arab Emirates, Spanish MURCIA, or FUERTEVENTURA in the Canary Islands. These are the new destinations in this year's charter transport from Brno Airport. This opens up new possibilities for passengers to go not only for relaxation but also for adventure.

The northernmost emirate Ras Al-Khaimah is an ideal place for a holiday. Unlike Dubai, the local environment is very well-preserved and quiet. It offers mountains, sea, desert, but also golf courts, which are more than half cheaper than in Dubai. It is a perfect place for water sports, such as sailing or parasailing. From 26th April 2018, it is possible to travel to the destination from Brno Airport regularly every Thursday.

From Brno directly to Murcia, located in the south of Spain, regular seasonal flights start every Monday from June 11. The ancient Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans left their traces there. An unforgettable experience for travellers can be a journey to some of the architecturally significant buildings, churches, cathedrals and historic squares. Bathing in the largest marine lagoon in Europe along the coast can also be tempting. Travellers can also enjoy the healing effects of the local sea mud.

Another novelty is the line to Fuerteventura Airport. Sandy beaches with turquoise water, bays under wild cliffs and beautifully wild sea definitely do not resemble any overcrowded Mediterranean resorts. The north-eastern part of the island frames a wide range of sand dunes, and walks along the rocky coast lined by low cliffs with stormy waves in the northern part of the island can be also tempting. The line Brno - Fuerteventura is in operation every Monday from 18th of June.

During this summer season, there will be also flights from Brno to other 21 well-known summer destinations. Travel Service company aircrafts will e.g. fly to Greece, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Tunisia and Egypt. Most often, up to 9 times a week to the Bulgarian Burgas, 7 times a week to the Turkish Antalya and five days in a week also to the Greek island Rhodes, or Cretan Heraklion.

"In the summer season, we expect a significant increase in the number of passengers. The peak will be in the holiday months when the number of passengers checked-in is one hundred thousand per month," says Radek Lang, Head of Transport Operations Department of Brno Airport.

Other carriers that will provide charter flights this summer season will be Tunisair (Djerba and Monastir), Tailwind Airlines (Antalya and Cyprus), Bulgarian Air Charter (Burgas) and Almasria Universal Airlines (Hurghada).

The summer season at Brno Airport begins at the end of March when flights to these destinations start. The last regular charters usually close the season in October.