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Brno Airport invests 30 million in security and comfort

- Governor of South Moravian Region Šimek christened a new fire truck - even with the facilities, it cost 10 million Czech crowns.
- Larger passport control capacity, new X-rays and detectors - it cost almost 20 million Czech crowns.
- Investments in building modifications of the airport cost another 10 million Czech crowns.

Governor of South Moravian Region Bohumil Šimek christened today a new special fire truck for airport firefighters, the so-called Rosenbauer Panther at Brno-Tuřany Airport. Its purchase is part of large-scale investment in passengers' safety and comfort that the airport has been launching since Accolade Group became the operator of Brno International Airport.

"I am glad that the new tenant brought new energy into the operation of the airport and that we started our relationship with positive and regular communication from the very beginning. The primary goal of the South Moravian Region is the long-term development of airlines and the expansion of regular flights to other attractive destinations. Although it is currently not possible to talk about specific dates and destinations, I hope that this year we will see regular flights departing from Brno to other destinations besides the current London and Munich. South Moravia needs it for its further development and the region will do its best for it," says the Governor of the South Moravian Region Bohumil Šimek.

"As the Southern Moravian Region we have a common goal to develop the airport in the long term, so it would be an attractive and busy gateway to South Moravia. That is why I am glad that, as the airport operator, we are an immediate part of the new team, which has already started negotiations with several airlines to strengthen the air connection to and from Brno," says Milan Kratina, co-owner of the Accolade Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of LETIŠTĚ BRNO a.s.

In addition to the airport special fire truck, the airport also bought covered movable boarding stairs to the airplane - these are the first movable covered stairs at the airport, i.e. stairs with a roof, under which passengers can hide in bad weather when boarding and disembarking from aircraft. A new aircraft tractor has also been added to the airport fleet of cars. The tractor can handle even larger business jets, which will simplify aircraft handling, increase the capacity of the airport area and, last but not least, increase the comfort of passengers and crews of private aircraft.

"Within a few months, Brno Airport invested 30 million Czech crowns in increasing the safety and comfort of passengers, another 10 million went to construction work," calculates Milan Kratina, adding, that part of these investments is supported by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure from the airport protection program.

The airport is expanding its passport control capacity for passengers outside the Schengen area, investing in new X-rays and prohibited substances detectors. The airport added garage parking spaces for the new fire truck and other equipment. The largest investment projects include new fencing around the runway and related taxiways with modern 3D panels according to current safety requirements. Investments will also go to the expansion of the car park in front of the terminal and for the construction of new modern airport infrastructure, including main water and gas distribution, for which the construction is currently starting. Inside the airport hall, there is innovated air conditioning both in public areas and in the facility. The norms are regular inspections and revisions of all airport systems.

In addition to investments directly at the airport, the bridge to the access road to the terminal is also being repaired by the South Moravian Region. The necessary repair of the overpass over the railway tracks slows down the journey to the airport; during the season, traffic will be driven by a traffic light responding to the current number of waiting cars, however, passengers should always remember the recommended two hours arrival to the airport before departure.