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There will be no collapse. Brno airport will be connected with the city by a new substitute road

Brno Airport invests in the construction of a new road from the airport to the city. At the peak of this summer season, it will strengthen the capacity of the currently repaired Evropská Street, where is a shuttle service because of an urgent repair of the railway bridge. As a result, passengers arriving at and returning from the airport were threatened with disproportionate delays and long convoys could also limit traffic on the D1 motorway and in Slatina town. Drivers could use the new road from the 5th of June, and it will be in operation until the end of September. Arrival at Brno Airport on Evropská Street will be only one-way street at this time. Leaving the airport area will be possible just one-way using the new road. The arrival route to the airport will be the same as passengers are used to for years. Only exit road changes.

"Together with Brno Airport and its owner we have managed to eliminate the traffic complications that could completely stop airport connection with the city, including public transport, and could influence the traffic on the D1 motorway. Our regional office contributed especially in ensuring, that the permitting process for a substitute route will take place in the shortest time possible,” says Bohumil Šimek, The Governor of the South Moravian Region.

"Until now, Brno Airport has not had a substitute route for the public, which could be used by passengers from and to the airport in case of any problems on Evropská street. If there were any problem on Evropská street, that would close this driveway (for example an accident), the airport would be cut off with no other ways for the passengers to get to and from the airport, because the current back-up route is only for special purposes, especially for integrated rescue vehicles. Due to this reason, the back-up road was one of the most needed investments in the airport complex, after Accolade group acquired the airport operating company in November last year,” says Milan Kratina, Chairman of the Board of Directors Brno Airport.

"When we were discussing on our coordination meetings large traffic constructions on the Evropská street, we realized that this kind of restriction on the only driveway to the airport in the summer season could be very uncomfortable for the passengers. I appreciate that we managed to find a solution and turned it quickly into reality," said the Mayor of Brno, Petr Vokřál.

From the 5th of June will be the arrival to the airport from the D1 motorway or Řípská Street just one-way. The bridge over the railway track that crosses the arrival road to the airport will be practically a whole new one, so only one lane remains in this part of Evropská Street. There will be a traffic light organizing the traffic so it would be possible to enter or leave complexes situated along the street K Letišti. The traffic light interval will be set so that delays in cars and buses heading for the airport are minimal. The delay will be incomparably smaller than the current situation because the traffic light does not have to let out cars which are leaving the airport.

There will be a new exit route from the airport terminal. Cars leaving the parking in front of the check-in hall will not turn right to Evropská street like they used to utill these days but will turn left and a traffic sign will lead them over the railway to the new road, and to the Tuřanka Street. The new substitute road is asphalted along its entire length.

"A substitute road and one-way traffic at the airport complex is the best possible solution to the traffic situation caused by the reconstruction of the bridge. This elegant solution is actually one of the positive results due to our investment in the multimodal centre. The substitute road partially uses a construction road to the centre. It is worth to thank everyone who took part in it - Brno Airport team and Accolade Group as well as the region and city of Brno and the construction company because we obtained all permits for putting the road into early use at a record time; we received the last one today," adds Milan Kratina.

Last May, Brno Airport checked-in 20,000 passengers. However, thanks to charter flights there were already over sixty thousands of them in June, and in the summer rush hour, the number of passengers checked-in in one month will reach one hundred thousand. Nevertheless, already with a one-fifth of usual traffic at the airport, compared to July and August, the traffic light caused a sudden delay of 10-15 minutes. It will cease away now. Passengers from Brno Airport should rather take into account a sufficient reserve when planning their arrival at the terminal. The substitute route and the linked one-way arrival and departure to the airport complex will be in operation from 5th June to 30th September.