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This year's summer holidays could be up to 30% more successful than the last one

During this summer holiday, up to 30% more aircraft with passengers will land at Brno Airport than last year. This is based on the fact that there are over 180 flights more in July and August alone than there were during last year's holidays.

"In previous years, up to one hundred thousand passengers passed through Brno Airport every month during the holidays; this year the number could be even one third higher. We assume that, similarly to the increase in the number of flights, we will also see an increase in the total number of passengers handled,” says Radek Lang, Head of Transport Operations Department of Brno Airport.

Besides, many passengers are lucky enough to fly aboard with the latest type of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, which is being used by Travel service (SmartWings) on its flights this year. Compared to previous seasons, in addition to the traditional Travel Service, Tunisair and Tailwind Airlines, charter flights are also operated by AlMasria Universal Airlines, Bulgarian Air Charter and Onur Air. There is definitely something to look at the Brno Airport’s runway.

Moreover, this year as in previous years, people travel mostly to Greece and Bulgaria. More and more passengers are also heading to Turkey and Egypt, destinations that had seen a decline in interest in previous years due to the unfavourable security situation in the countries.

In addition to seasonal flights, passengers have the opportunity to use regular flights to London and Munich, where planes from Brno depart every single day . In addition, a new Ryanair flight to Milan-Bergamo Airport will be launched for the first time on October 28.

For the further development of regular flights and charters, according to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brno Airport Milan Kratina, it is necessary to focus firstly on promoting Brno and the South Moravian Region as a popular tourist destination: “Together with the region and the city of Brno, we must start selling Brno and the South Moravian Region as a pearl between Prague and Vienna. Because they really are a gem. So far, however, people in the world only know Prague . We need to target marketing to change that. So that people want to come here as well," says Kratina.

A larger number of passengers brings a higher density of traffic. Due to the repair of the bridge that serves as the only arrival and exit road to the airport, Evropská Street, Brno Airport invested in the construction of a new alternative road. Without this road, passengers departing from the airport during the holiday were in danger of waiting for tens of minutes in front of traffic lights and convoys formed in both directions on the D1 motorway before airport exit 201. Road for arrival at the airport remains the same, a new travel option is now in the one-way alternative road from the airport to Tuřanka street, the city centre and the highway. The new route is clearly marked, however, passengers must respect the instructions of the airport staff upon arrival at the airport and remember the usual two-hour time ahead of departure.