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Brno Airport accelerates passenger check-in. Acquires new technique for security checks

Brno Airport invests in security technology. This speeds up check-in of passengers and responds to the growing demand for air transport. Already in July, with 115,000 passengers, the history of Brno Airport was a record in terms of the number of people checked in in one month. At the same time, the airport expects the number of passengers to continue to grow.

"For example, the number of checkpoints has been increased. As a result, it will be possible to check in more passengers in a shorter time, who are waiting to pass the security check," said the Head of the Security Department, Radomír Janík.

During the holidays, the airport could start using new technology worth nine and a half million crowns. Roughly seven million were covered by subsidies from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure as part of the provision of funds for equipping airports with technical or similar means used to protect civil aviation against illegal acts for 2017.

"We have purchased equipment that will help speed up the screening of passengers, luggage and cargo, such as an X-ray for cabin baggage, an X-ray for cargo control, a walk-through metal detector, explosives detectors or a metal detector in footwear," explains Janík.

However, this does not end the investment in new security features. Additional equipment for security checks should be added in cooperation with the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure by the end of this year.