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The new Brno - Milan Bergamo line started with its first flight

On Sunday evening, on the date of the centenary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, a new regular flight Brno - Milan Bergamo started with the first departure from Brno Airport. In the first flight, 159 passengers flew to Italy and 181 of them arrived from Bergamo. The Ryanair line flies every Sunday and Wednesday and the price of a return ticket starts at CZK 518.

"The start of the line to Milan Bergamo is great news for residents and visitors of the South Moravian Region and neighbouring regions. It is an important step in our joint strategy to expand the number of regular lines for residents and tourists. Negotiations on other routes are still continuing,“ emphasized the Governor of the South Moravian Region Bohumil Šimek.

"It is excellent that the new line was opened as part of the winter flight schedule, i.e. this year. Given that the new routes are being negotiated for one to two seasons in advance, I consider this to be an extraordinary success of our team with the South Moravian Region and the city of Brno,“ says Milan Kratina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brno Airport.

"In a few days, it will be just exactly one year when Brno Airport became part of the Accolade Group. Upon entering the airport, we promised that we would bring new regular flights to it in the first place. Milan Bergamo is the first of them,“ adds Milan Kratina.

There are currently regular flights from Brno Airport to Munich, London Stansted and Milan Bergamo. The line to Munich flies twice a day every weekday and has one flight scheduled even on Sundays. The line to London Stansted flies every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thanks to this fact, it is easy to fly for example to Tenerife for CZK 3,281, to New York for CZK 9,920 or to Hong Kong for CZK 14,363 for a return ticket with one transfer from Brno.