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The Airport experienced a record month and together with worked on new lines and publicity of the city and the entire region

People in Moscow and Barcelona, for example, are often looking for flights to Brno. The first joint campaign with showed Brno and South Moravia as an attractive destination for more than three million people worldwide, and in July a record 117,255 passengers were checked-in in one month. These are the main points presented today by the management of Brno Airport and representatives of, the leader of the travel business, at a meeting on the occasion of the official launch of the newly established cooperation.

Data analysis as a way to new lines

Part of the cooperation between Brno Airport and is primarily the sharing of exclusive data for a better position in negotiations with carriers. Now, airport representatives can use data from all world search engines in negotiations and thus monitor the trend of demand for flights from/to Brno and the overall development of the market situation.

"Thanks to, we will be able to better estimate the real potential of individual destinations and monitor their development. This will allow us to be even better prepared to negotiate with carriers. It does not seem so, but even shifts of units of per cent (i.e. a thousand people) can mean a signal to the carrier that there is interest in the line, because he knows that the full flight will take place only after its introduction. I say straight away that it will still be a long-distance run, but we got relatively strong ammunition," described Milan Kratina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BRNO AIRPORT.

The attractiveness of the city and the region as the key to success

The airport management has previously announced that it will try to help increase the attractiveness of Brno and whole South Moravia not only in the Czech Republic but mainly beyond the borders of our country. That is why, together with, they decided to create proven "Kiwi stories", which represent various destinations in an unconventional way, also for Brno and its surroundings.

"People today live by travelling mainly on social networks, and as a result, they are the ones who decide which destinations are the most attractive. So, we launched "Brno Stories" together with the airport, and the numbers for the first month and a half are surprising to us. The Brno story was seen by 49,000 people, 1,200 people shared it with other friends and the total reach exceeded three million users worldwide. People in Great Britain, Turkey and Greece were most interested in Brno, but in the TOP 10 there are also, for example, the Philippines and the United States," commented Zdeněk Komenda,'s Director of Business Development, on the first joint campaign.

July 2019 = historically record month

The summer season is logically the busiest time for the airport, and this year it has been confirmed again. During June and July, more than 204,000 passengers were handled at the airport and the first holiday month with 117,255 passengers went down in the history. In terms of total numbers, Brno Airport handled 287,783 passengers in the first seven months of this year and has yet to move on to another successful year.

"This July was the most successful in history in terms of our passengers. Overall, compared to last year's record year, we are now growing by 10%, and if nothing unexpected happens, we should maintain the growth rate until the end of the year," added Radek Lang, Head of Transport Operations of Brno Airport.