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DHL Express launches a new air cargo line to Brno. Brno Airport will thus significantly increase its freight traffic volume

Two months after the opening of the modern logistics hall for DHL Express, Brno Airport also welcomed its first air visitor. The first cargo plane on the new DHL Express flight to Brno arrived in the new part of the multimodal complex in Tuřany this morning. This line will be provided by a Boeing 737-400F aircraft from CargoLogic Germany.

"It is of course great news that clearly confirms our long-term strategy to make Brno Airport a multifunctional complex for all types of air transport. In times of crisis of the commercial one, it is precisely the freight that complements it appropriately. The transformation of the long-neglected airport premises into a super modern hall for DHL Express was thus a logical response to the current needs of the market. Today, logistics plays a crucial role in the lives of us all. From the beginning, the hall was prepared in such a way that it would meet the requirements for all types of freight transport, with an emphasis on air transport. I am extremely pleased that the tenant is beginning to live up to our common plan. I believe that the growth of the logistics industry and online shopping will help this line in the launch even more," says Milan Kratina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brno Airport.

"The cargo air connection with Brno is a huge benefit and acceleration in the service of this region, and I am of course very happy about that. DHL Express has increased the number of its daily flights to correspond to the current high volumes of shipments in Brno. These are rising worldwide with increasing numbers of the whole e-commerce sector. This trend has been evident in recent years, but because of COVID-19, the volume of shipments worldwide is growing faster than expected. That's why the new cargo connection is more important than ever. At the same time, it is excellent news for the Czech pre-Christmas market," says Luděk Drnec, CEO of DHL Express (Czech Republic).

"We are pleased that thanks to the newly established freight air connection and the brand new sorting line in Brno, DHL Express can improve the service for our customers in the regions of South Moravia and Vysočina. This will certainly be appreciated especially in the time before Christmas, which is the peak of the season for us in terms of transport volumes," adds Pavel Šmejkal, Operations Director of DHL Express (Czech Republic).