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Brand new Destination campaign to promote Milano and Lombardia

“Land in Beauty” - The destination marketing campaign of Lombardia and Milano is now online.

As part of the Routes ‘22-‘23 project, the group of institutional partners - composed of SEA Milan Airports, Bergamo Airport, Lombardy Region, Milan Municipality and ENIT - The National Italian Tourism Agency - launched a 3 month digital campaign to improve awareness on Milan destination and incoming tourism to North Italy from North America and promote direct flights from Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Toronto.

The heart of this campaign is the landing page that will be promoted using a huge investment in display advertising, but also Social Media activities through the dedicated Facebook Account and Instagram Account

 In addition to the adv promotion, “Land in Beauty” campaign will be shared also by on its digital channels with a blog post focused on Milan vibrant energy and the stunning sights in Lombardia.

 This summer season campaign represents a successful cooperation between aviation and Milan/Lombardia destination so far, therefore another destination campaign is ready to be run also for the winter season in Europe.