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Sydney’s new airport injecting jobs and investment into Western Sydney

3rd November update:

The construction of Sydney’s new airport is directly injecting more than $100 million into businesses in Western Sydney, as new vision shows the incredible transformation of the site since earthworks began. 

A new timelapse animation demonstrates the significant engineering feat underway to build Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport, using 3D survey scans combined with high-grade satellite imagery to capture the evolving topography of the massive 1,780-hectare site. 

Western Sydney Airport (WSA) Chief Executive Officer Simon Hickey said more than 20 million cubic metres of earth has been moved to date in what is one of the biggest earthmoving challenges in Australian history. 

“Construction of Western Sydney International has already led to more than $100 million being contracted to businesses across Western Sydney and we are only at the beginning of the build,” Mr Hickey said. 

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