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20 years – 250 million passengers through Norwegian airports

Credit: Two Norwegian planes taxi past the new non-Schengen section of Oslo Airport. Photo: Avinor

Norwegian turns 20 on 1 September. In those years, they have grown from being a small contender to being the largest company at Avinor's airports so far in 2022.

- Norwegian has challenged the aviation industry and changed the way Norwegians travel, says Avinor CEO Abraham Foss.

Norwegian is now marking its anniversary at Norwegian airports, including with a larger celebration at Oslo Airport. Foss believes the company has achieved a lot in a demanding market.

- Norwegian became a piece of Norwegian industrial history: There are not many Norwegian companies that are internationally known and have managed to achieve what Norwegian has achieved. They dared to invest in aviation, where almost no one dared.

Changed the rules of the game

Norwegian aviation and the offer to Norwegian passengers is today characterized by solid competition and a number of Norwegian airlines that focus on domestic and foreign markets. It has given Norwegians and Norwegian business life unique opportunities to reach out to other countries.

- Norwegian has contributed to changing the rules of the game in Norwegian aviation. The competition picked up, prices fell and the offer grew sharply as a result of their entry into the market, says Foss.

- It simply became possible for people to fly, to a much greater extent than before. Norwegian's entry has meant that everyone else has also had to deliver better. For us at Avinor, it is about, among other things, that we had to lean forward and become more aware of our partners and the diversity in the market.

Turbulence en route

In recent years, Norwegian has gone through major financial change processes. At the same time, the company has carried the most passengers through Avinor's airports so far in 2022, over 9 million.

- Norwegian had to undergo a tough restructuring during the pandemic, and many had to record large losses. But the company has bounced back, and now has 128 international routes to 31 different countries. In addition to all domestic routes. We just have to acknowledge that, because that shows respect, says Foss.

- I would like to congratulate Norwegian on its 20th anniversary and say that we at Avinor are looking forward to continuing the flight.

Facts about Norwegian and Avinor:

Since its inception in 2002, Norwegian has transported over 250 million passengers to, from or via Avinor's airports
Norwegian has 128 international routes, to 31 different countries, from Avinor's airports
So far in 2022, Norwegian is Avinor's largest airline, and has carried more than 9 million passengers to, from or via Avinor's airports until September
In 2022, Norwegian has operations at 13 of Avinor's airports, from Kristiansand in the south to Longyearbyen in the north