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Avinor’s hyper-connected Norwegian network of 43 airports provides efficient travel for about 50 million passengers annually (54 million in 2019), half of whom travel to and from Oslo Airport.

The Norwegian MarketNorway offers visitors a lot of diversity: from urban culture to unique outdoor experiences, from exquisite food to high art. Travel is deeply rooted in the Norwegian culture – and the country is becoming trendier by the day as a tourist destination. Plus, Norway’s geographical location, its low population density, the Norwegians’ respectful approach to nature, top-notch infrastructure and peacefulness and the government’s cautious handling of the corona pandemic only serve to increase its popularity.

Five major markets

Norway is not a single market – there are a variety of interesting destinations airlines can look into. It is useful to think of Norway as five major markets, each having their own profiles in terms of leisure, business and VFR travel. Please contact us to discuss the data and developments and find out more about our assessments of each market.

Oslo: the new star in Scandinavia

Oslo is Norway’s fast-growing cultural, governmental and economic centre. More and more tourists come for the Oslo experience, while new attractions will open their doors in 2021/2022 to take the capital even further. On top of that, Norway’s business centre is the seat of large companies as well as a vibrant start-up scene.

Bergen: the "cultural fjord capital"

Bergen’s many attractions from nature to culture as well as its thriving industries have led to steady growth in international traffic. Idyllically situated at the entrance to some of the most majestic fjords in the world, Bergen’s growth is continuing. The city of some 300,000 inhabitants annually hosted over 3 million visitors before the corona pandemic.

Trondheim: new forms of tourism and Norway’s technology hub

With its new motto "Trondheim – Home of Nordic Flavours", the tourism agencies are setting the tone: new products and itineraries are being developed to attract tourists from the US, Europe and Asia. Trondheim has seen a growing share of leisure travel. A growing immigrant population and VFR segment lead to regular traffic, as does a vibrant tech start-up and business scene that is growing exponentially.

Stavanger: "Europe’s energy capital" is undergoing an exciting transformation

Stavanger is Norway’s powerhouse: called “Europe’s energy capital” since the discovery of oil in 1965, the region is now undergoing a transformation towards renewable energy, tech industries and tourism. The consequence: rising leisure traffic and high-yield business traffic from future-oriented industries.

Northern Norway: spectacular growth

Northern Norway offers the world’s best access to experience the visual magic of aurora borealis, the Northern Lights. The number of visitors is growing fast. Together with its excellent infrastructure, increasing hotel capacity and development, there is no end in sight for this trend.

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