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About The Airport

Fukuoka Airport (FUK) is the 4th largest airport in Japan and the largest airport in Kyushu, registering 24.6 million passengers in 2018.

Of this, 6.8 million are international passengers.

International Origin-Destination (OD) traffic has been growing strongly, at a five-year compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17%

Concurrently, FUK boasts the highest international non-stop OD yields (US$ / RPK) amongst major Japanese airports, at US$0.263 / RPK (Source: IATA AirportIS, 2017)

FUK has ample opportunities for international network expansion.

FUK slots capacity will increase from 35 ATM / hour to 37 ATM / hour with effect from April 2020.

To see the Fukuoka International Airport slots application procedure please click here

Airlines are encouraged to contact Fukuoka International Airport Company (FIAC) for more information.

Facts and Figures

  • List of Top 5 Airlines: All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines, Jetstar Japan, and Star Flyers
  • Number of Serving Airlines: 39
  • Number of Direct Destinations: 44
  • Number of Terminals: 2
  • Number of Runways: 1 (2nd runway from 2025)
  • Length of Main Runway (m): 2,800 m
  • Passenger Numbers (mppa): 24.6 mppa in 2018
  • Cargo Tonnes (p.a.): 270,000 tons
  • Ownership: Fukuoka International Airport Co., Ltd.
  • Operational Opening Hours: 15 hours, 7:00 to 22:00
  • Total Catchment Population: 17 million in Kyushu, Yamaguchi and Hiroshima
  • Urban Population: 1.5million in Fukuoka City
  • Aircraft Parking Stands: International 11, Domestic 35