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Helsinki East Aerodrome

  • Type: Airport

About The Airport

Helsinki regional airport

Pyhtää-Redstone Airport (EFPR) serves as a hub for national aviation industry. The main operations are professional pilot training, aerial works such as line inspections, aircraft manufacturing & maintenance.

Besides offering a platform for general aviation and unscheduled air traffic as the only professional airport at the capital region, it serves other state related purpose as a military training site & coast guard support base

Future aerospace center

The Finnish government sees the importance of keeping up with the transportation and logistics revolution, and has therefore invested 2,5m€ into building a future air traffic testbed and research center at Helsinki-East Aerodrome.

This is creating a completely new industry and LIFT -Future Aerospace Center offers its members a window seat to a cutting edge market.

Industrial park for logistics & tech

The development area of 300 hectares is zoned to become a platform for various industries & tech companies. The remarkable advantage is having the manufacturing & logistics department at the same location.

Key location: 60min from HKI. Harbours both directions and airport in the middle